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Keeping Children Safe at Isebrook

Isebrook is committed to keeping every child safe.

If you have any concerns about the safety or welfare of a child, you must report this to a member of the Safeguarding Team.

Safeguarding Team

All DSL’s have a school email and work phone, as shown in the table below, and are contactable both during and outside of school hours. 

There is also a DSL Inbox that students and parents can use to contact a DSL. This inbox will be checked daily by whoever is on duty:

  Contact Details

Kevin Latham

CEO Creating Tomorrow Trust

07825 915272

Tracy Hall


07825 915567

Julie Fellows

Deputy Headteacher

07825 915512

Matthew Thomson

Assistant Headteacher

07485 369406

Hazel Frostwick

Assistant Headteacher

07485 369409

Ryan Storey

Assistant Headteacher

07483 037987

Sharon Taylor

Lead DSL

07825 915669

Lynn Johnston

Designated LAC SEND & Inclusion Lead

07483 032665

Nattalia Vanzwanenberg

Assistant Welfare Lead

07825 915486

Kerry Gibbs

Assistant Welfare Leader

07825 915457

School protocols and procedures should be followed at all times.

The Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub

(MASH North) Tel: 0300 126 3000

(MASH West) Tel: 0300 126 7000

Safeguarding advice for staff, volunteers and visitors:

Our aim is to provide a safe and secure environment for our students, staff, volunteers and visitors.  As a school, we are committed to safeguarding and meeting the needs of children and young people.

Security of students, staff and visitors:

All members of staff will wear photo identity badges on BLUE lanyards at all times.

All visitors should report to the school on arrival and sign in on the electronic signing in system.  Visitors will be issued with a lanyard which must be worn at all times.

The lanyards are colour coded as follows:

  • RED: The visitor requires supervision at all times and must not be in any part of the school on their own.
  • GREEN: The office has seen and noted the visitor’s DBS and photo ID.  Visitors are on our Single Central Record and can be unsupervised.
  • YELLOW: These are specifically for Work Experience students.  All checks have been carried out prior to placement and details are on our Single Central Record.

At Isebrook, safeguarding includes:

If you have any concerns, you must ensure that this information is passed to a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).  You can ask the school office to locate a DSL.  You should not discuss the concern with anyone else other than a DSL.

All mobile phones must be switched off and must not be used whilst you are in school, including the Reception area.

At Isebrook we have a Relationship Policy and Staff Code of Conduct.

Isebrook expects all staff and visitors to:

  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity;
  • Promote and model safe behaviour.

At Isebrook, Protective Behaviours are explicitly taught.  The two themes are:

  1. We all have the right to feel safe all the time;
  2. We can talk with someone about anything even if it feels awful or small.

If, as a visitor, you have any concerns about a student’s wellbeing, management, welfare etc., we would like you to report this to a DSL.

If you have any concerns about any member of staff, this should be reported to the Headteacher, Tracy Hall, directly.  Please ask the school office to locate her, or you can e-mail her with your concern at:

If the concern is about the Headteacher, please report this to the Chair of Governors, Andrew Bailey.  Please ask the school office for his contact details.

Don’t think "What if I am wrong?"

Do think "What if I’m right?"

Health and Safety


If you hear the fire alarm sounding, please make your way out of the building immediately following the green fire exit signs and make your way to the agreed assembly points.

For visitors, this will be at the front of the Sixth Form building.



Should you have an accident or feel unwell during your visit, please report to the school office.  If you are unable to do so, please inform a member of staff who will assist you.

Isebrook has a number of first-aiders and there is always someone on duty.  All accidents will be recorded.


Isebrook is a non-smoking site - please respect this.

Everyone has a responsibility to make sure that students within Isebrook School are safe, as Every Child Matters.