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PSHE at Isebrook encourages students to develop, embed and apply life-long learning behaviours through promoting independence, choice, collaboration, social skills and personal discovery.  

The PSHE curriculum provides students with opportunities to use and transfer skills to lead a future that is as safe, healthy, confident and independent as possible.  Students will be given every opportunity to demonstrate these skills in the school, the local and wider community. 

The Isebrook PSHE (including RSE) curriculum is an adapted version of the PSHE association. Each learning term has a specific focus on a PSHE curriculum as outlined below:

Term 1

Self-care, support and safety

Term 2

Healthy lifestyles

Term 3

The world I live in

Term 4


Term 5

Managing feelings

Term 6

Changing and growing


Each PSHE theme listed above can be broken down into smaller focus areas, dependent on the needs and Pathway of each Key stage.

PSHE is explicitly taught through regular PSHE sessions with students form tutors, who have a good understanding and relationship with their class. RSE is incorporated into all areas of the curriculum, particularly PSHE where some skills and knowledge are explicitly taught.

Wider PSHE curriculum:

  • Protective behaviours
  • Zones of regulation
  • Regular circle time
  • Restorative repair
  • Daily review in form groups
  • Morning and afternoon registration
  • Assemblies weekly (key stage and class based)
  • Themed days
  • Charity days
  • Community based opportunities such as volunteering
  • Dedicated Preparation for Adulthood health lessons
  • Daily sensory circuits
  • Visitors inspirational figures
  • Mental health and wellbeing focused sessions