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Links to External Agencies

External Health, Care & Support Agencies

Isebrook is an outward-facing organisation and works in partnership with a large variety of external services and professionals for the benefit of all our students and their families.

We are proud of these links, and we are proactive in developing existing and new partnerships to enable the best outcomes for our young people and staff alike.

One of these partnerships has helped to develop the Ask Normen website: the Northamptonshire Mental Health Gateway.

This site is for everyone with an interest in the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people in Northamptonshire. They want to make sure that you, parents, professionals and other people working with children and young people are aware of local services, training and support materials.

ASK NORMEN will help you find further information and support — Just ask NORMEN.

Please visit the site at:

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