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Key Stage Three

The Key Stage Three curriculum provides the bedrock for success in future learning at Isebrook.

The curriculum delivers opportunities for students to learn to be successful and to gain useful, transferable skills. It works to address any gaps in knowledge from KS2 to KS3 and deepens students' knowledge in specialist subject areas. We develop the baselines for their learning and ensure they have a successful transition from primary school to secondary school.

Key Stage Three has a curriculum overview based on a three-year rolling programme. The rolling programme allows students to be placed in mixed age classes of years 7 and 8. This therefore allows students to be grouped in classes based on a range of factors e.g. student needs, abilities and outcomes.

The Key Stage Three curriculum aims to:

  • Create successful learners who are ready to learn, make progress and achieve.
  • Create responsible citizens who are going to make a positive contribution to society and the community they live in.
  • Create confident young people who live safe and fulfilled lives
  • Empower students to recognise their success and build resilience



The Key Stage Three curriculum intent is implemented by offering a broad and balanced curriculum that builds firm foundations across all subject areas.

Key Stage Three teachers carefully assess each students’ abilities. Teachers work with parents/carers and any linked professionals to target the next key steps in priority areas that include communication/understanding, personal and social development and key skills. These are agreed through 12-month outcomes set as part of the EHCP process. Teachers also plan the next individual student steps in all curriculum areas. Teaching is informed by the planned and sequenced knowledge and skills in all areas.

Alongside this, teachers identify the strategies that each student needs to access the curriculum to achieve and make progress. This is individual to each student. Teachers use a range of strategies to support students to learn and retain information.

Strategies include:

  • Zones of Regulation
  • Structured visual and communication support
  • Work / reward
  • Multisensory delivery
  • Repetition / pre-teaching

In addition to core subjects, through PSHE, students are taught about good mental health, including relationships, emotional regulation, healthy living and keeping safe.


Because of our curriculum, Key Stage Three students feel happy, safe and respected. Students develop their levels of independence and demonstrate high levels of engagement in activities / lessons whilst developing their speaking, listening and social skills. They are able to use self-identified tools to self-regulate and identify their emotions and communicate their wants and needs.

Due to the highly effective curriculum, students’ self-esteem and confidence improve as they move through the key stage, and they foster a sense of self-belief and aspiration for their future. By the end of Key Stage Three, students are well-prepared for the next stage of their education at Isebrook.