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The Junior Leadership Team consists of students from all Key Stages: the Leader and Deputy Leader elected by the school from candidates in Key Stages 4 and 5.  

Alison Oram is the adult guiding hands behind the Junior Leadership Team. She acts as facilitator to the students, and encourages them to gather ideas and opinions from within their classes to share within meetings.

Junior Leadership Team meetings are run in a formal way with the Leader as Chairperson, an agenda and minutes noting the contributions of the children.

How is our Junior Leadership Team elected?

After a formal process which sees willing candidates make powerful speeches about why they would make good JLT members and a secret ballot, two School Councillors are elected by the children in each year group. The Leader and Deputy Leader positions are drawn from Year 11. These positions are achieved by a whole school formal election, following candidates delivering their speeches in assemblies.

When does the Junior Leadership Team meet?

The JLT meets regularly to discuss issues that the students themselves usually raise through classes.

How do we know our Junior School Leaders?

Leaders can be spotted in around school by the special badges they wear.  A notice board in the hall displays photographs and names of all current JLT members.

What do Junior Leaders do?

  • Junior Leaders represent the student voice. 
  • They raise concerns and present ideas to the Senior Leadership Team.
  • They take on responsibility for whole-school tasks such as creating the Code of Conduct and Anti-bullying work.
  • They also act as Isebrook representatives on the countywide Mental Health Team.

Being a Junior Leader gives students the opportunity to:

  • Develop confidence
  • Learn leadership skills
  • Develop language and communication skills
  • Learn about processes
  • Take on and accept responsibility

We know that our students are wonderful and have a lot to say about their welfare and progress while they are at Isebrook.

To ensure our students have a voice about the things that really matter to them, they have the chance to become part of the Junior Leadership Team.

This group of students will fulfil the roles of the Anti-bullying group, the School Council and Environmental Awareness Action Group.

The Junior Leadership Group consists of elected members.  Members will be selected through a voting system in school, and they serve as members for one year.

  • JLT members feed back to the Senior Leadership Team on relevant matters arising.
  • JLT students have the confidence to represent their peers across a range of issues.
  • JLT students have opinions and are passionate about improving school life.
  • JLT students are ready and willing to take on tasks and get their friends involved.
  • JLT students set a fantastic example to their peers.