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We use different methods to communicate with our families. Our main mode of communication is via Class Dojo.

Class Dojo is a school communication platform that allows the whole school community to interact with each other. Class Dojo operates as both an App and a website, allowing good accessibility for all. 

Within Class Dojo we use the following three areas:

  • Isebrook School Story
    • This can be seen by all parents/carers and all staff that are members of Class Dojo in the whole school community.
  • Class Story
    • This can be seen by parents who have pupils in that class, the class staff, the pastoral team and the admin team.
  • Portfolio Posts
    • This can only be seen by the associated parents/carers of the child, the class staff, the pastoral team and the admin team.

N.B. In order to reply to a post, the parent/carer has to reply to an existing post and cannot create a new one.

We do not make use of the messaging section, as it will not share the information with the class team or pastoral team. If you message directly, and the person is not in school, then it will not be picked up. Teachers are asked if messages are used to reply via a post.


Please note:

  • Class Dojo is used for school updates, to share information and for parent contact.
  • If you have information that needs to be seen quickly or is urgent, we ask you to call the school office on 01536 500030
  • If you are reporting absence, please contact the school office on 01536 500030

Other methods of communication
  • Email — All school letters are emailed directly to parents and carers. It is therefore important that we have your most up-to-date contact information.
    • Class teachers can also be emailed directly.
  • Text — As a school, we use the ‘text to parents’ system, meaning we are able to send short messages to all parents.
    • This is particularly useful in the event of a school closure, or whole school event reminder.
  • Telephone — Please use the school phone number (01536 500030) to contact the school office if:
    • You need to contact us urgently.
    • Your child is going to be absent

Calls will not be put through to the class teacher during school hours, as this disrupts the teaching and learning of the whole class.

Messages from the school office will be passed on to the appropriate member of staff, who will call you back when they are away from the classroom, or at the end of the day.