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Ben’s Journey at Isebrook - a letter from a parent.

To the many that came into contact with Ben over his seven years at Isebrook,

As you will know Ben was not always a model student and faced many challenges along the way, but at no point did anyone give up on him.

Isebrook looked deeper into why Ben was facing difficulties and one by one worked through them with Ben gaining his trust and getting him to open up

They worked closely with myself and also supported me when things got tough. Over the years Ben formed strong bonds with some of you and knew where and who to go to in his times of needs.

For many years I heard Ben will get nowhere and will never do well at school but Isebrook changed all this. They nurtured Ben and guided him. They took Ben’s strong points and worked with them, meaning that Ben left school with great English (6) and maths (7) GCSE results as well as Entry Level Motor Vehicle Industry and Technologies, First Aid Qualification and a combination of three City and guilds around Gardening. He also gained his Bronze and his Silver Duke of Edinburgh (minus expeditions due to Covid). He even became a school ambassador for the Duke of Edinburgh.

Ben learnt many life lessons and skills at school that he has now taken into the big wide world. He is now in College doing an Engineering course and has settled in well. His last two years at the school saw Ben grow the most. Everything clicked with him, and you picked this up and pushed, praised and worked with him.

I have so many thanks to give the school and I know at times it has not always been an easy ride for any of us! I would like to thank you all individually, but there are too many of you. I must point out I was greatly supported at the school by Louise (Family Support Worker) who will forever be in my heart as she picked not only Ben up, she sometimes picked me up too. Louise was always there to listen and help us both to find answers and reasons for the current problems as well as solutions.

I would on behalf of Ben and myself like to thank you all for doing such a wonderful job and getting Ben to the place he is now; for believing in Ben and never giving up. I can say your hard work has paid off as Ben left Isebrook a well-rounded young man ready to face his next journey in life.

Thank you.

Ben and proud mum Angela.